Justin Wiese

C: Thanks for your time, how are you doing this evening?

W: Hanging in there man.

C: So.. straight to the chase.. what the hell happened with the website?

W: Oh.. shit.. Well, I’m not gonna lie and I will say that alot of it had to do with lack of motivation on my behalf. And it also got to a point where it was the beginning of the drama that went around town, members getting kicked out of bands, and alot of messages from people, and after a while I gave up trying because it seemed like there were three steady bands and all the other bands were changing every two days and wanted their info changed on the website and that got annoying, as well as my computer being a piece of shit.

C: Alright, What have you been up to in the past.. year?

W: I had to focus alot on my senior year of high school, like alot of guys my age have to, as well as photography to prepare for college for photography. I’ve kept up with the scene and in touch with all the guys from the bands that I used to talk to, pretty much keeping the website up to date in my head rather than on the site to let people know whats up with bands recently. Been to alot of rock n’ roll shows, local and outside of this town.

C: You mean this hell hole?

W: Yeah (no emotion)

C: Of the “local” shows which have stood out the most?

W: Well the one that comes to recent memories is the show at Murray’s, mainly because of getting to perform with my band, and of course what happened shortly after we had finished. The Filthy Youth reunion was pretty rad too. Other than that its hard to pick anything in particular, it seems like alot of bands are in transitional stages, and I’m happy where everyones going, but its hard to remember individual shows and events.

C: Of the “outside” shows?

W: I’ve seen alot of great bands in the last year. The one that sticks out the most was the Icarus Line and 400 Blows show. It was pretty much exactly what I’d like to do at my own shows, go on stage and give a fuck you to the crowd. Also Dillinger Escape Plan was a great show, as well as Planes Mistaken for Stars, who I’ve seen three times so far this summer.

C: So where do you see Holy Heart Failure going?

W: That all depends on how far the guys from Shit Ends Queer want to make it go. We could end up not playing another show again or we could end up opening up for Shat. I dunno.
C: Shat blows.

W: Thats the greatness of it.

C: What bands do you feel have influenced you the most?

W: Murder City Devils, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, and Black Flag. Axl Rose.

C: If you were a fortune cookie, what would you say?

W: I put a curse on you.

C: What CDs in your car right now?

W: Fugazi, 13 Songs

C: Quick word association:

W: Oh shit. Are you sure you wanna do this (laughs)

C: Hell yeah! Hardcore

W: Punk Rock

C: Death Metal

W: Neurosis

C: American machines

W: Trent Reznor

C: Brakes

W: Pads

C: Drugs

W: Bad

C: Cool kids

W: Baker

C: Nu-metal

W: Suck

(Baker interrupts interview to be berated by Wiese, censored)

C: Balls

W: What?

C: balls!

W: Stink

C: Shat

W: Rad

C: Spencer

W: Moody

C: Suicide

W: Girls

C: Jebidiah

W: Yoda

C: hair Metal

W: Poison, can we go back to the regular interview now?

C: If you could change one aspect of the music scene lately, what would it be?

W: In the music scene as a whole or the music scene locally.

C: We’ll start off with locally.

W: Locally, we need a rapper in town. And we need people to have big empty warehouses to play shows in. And more babes (laughs)

C: As a whole?

W: We need to get off the whole trend where peoples hair and clothes matter more than the music they are creating, cause most of the time if they have cool hair and clothing, then their music lacks quite a bit. They can’t make good records, all they can do is score gash.

C: What genre do you see blowing up after hardcore meets its demise?

W: Thats a really tough question cause if you were to ask me six years ago and told me that hardcore was going to explode and bands were going to mix some strange combination of pop punk and everything that was good with the 80s and the underground I would have said you were fucking nuts, so its really hard to think of whats to come, theres alot of underground and electronic music rising up lately, but I don’t know where its headed. I’ll just have to come back into Tiffin in a few years and see what all the kids are digging. Then I’ll tell them that they suck, and I’m gonna go listen to some Stooges. Thats how it always ends up.

C: So why do you hate ska so much?

W: Because it sucks.

C: Ok.. So anything up with Euclid Avenue?

W: Heh, nothings been up with Euclid Avenue since March. Don’t expect anything out of us.

C: So its safe to say that projects dead?

W: I’m not going to say that its completely dead, but chances are very slim that we’d get back together, very slim.

C: Are you glad to have been a part of that project?

W: Yeah I was, theres alot of things that I look back and I wish we could have done, and theres alot of things I wish we didn’t do, but I’m happy overall with the good two years worth of time that I put into that project.

C: Do you have any plans that the Tiffincore kids might be interested in?

W: What do you mean by plans?

C: Umm, I don’t know. Any projects or other ideas for the site, the scene, the people.

W: I’ve got alot of plans, ideas in my head, a fairly big step that will affect everyone in Tiffin, but I’ll let that be my secret. And since I am going to college in photography, I’d assume that my pictures of the bands will be much better, no more Collie Cleans Mess fiascoes.

C: Yeah, those were kind of bad.
W: You don’t gotta tell me dude.

C: Well thanks for your time, and while alot of people might not have noticed it, your efforts and time you’ve put in to making this what it is. Any closing remarks?

W: Well thanks dude, I mean I couldn’t have done anything without all the support of all the guys in town. For closing remarks I’d like to say something that was witty and make everyone say oh Wiese’s so smart and funny, but unfortunately, its almost my bedtime, and I gotta see if my Killing Joke album is done downloading yet. Rock n’ Roll.. bitch. Is that good enough for you?


C: Uhh.. sure.

W: *Sigh*

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